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June 04 2009- Build Notes
Client Update -

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  • Char creation name entry updated to enforce only characters can be entered, and names now must be between 3 to 15 chars in size.
  • Tradeskills are in. While there is still a lot of work to do on the data side, the functionality is in for it, and some of the beginning recipies are in for you to try. All players start with Novice Crafting. You can train recipies for it in Andar from the Novice Crafting Trainer. The action can be found in your action book to open the tradeskill UI and can be used to create items.
  • Portal Nodes are implemented. While they haven't been placed in the world yet, they will allow transportation once the data team adds them into the world. Look for these in the future!
  • Skinning npcs has been fixed
  • /stuck command has been implemented for times when you get stuck in the geometry
  • Idle sounds of creatures have been reduced
  • Movement input has been improved. Mouse & keyboard movement will now work together better (transition from autorun to key run without stopping first for example)
  • Bug with getting items from quests and the quest not closing should be fixed.
  • Nametags are now controllable via a temporary /nametag command (options UI for it will come soon). But for now you can use the /nametag command to control them. Type the command by itself for help on how to use it. Settings will be saved. There are many options, including yourself, npcs, target, etc.
  • Fixed bug that was sometimes preventing looting
  • The tooltips (help) viewed will now be saved, so you won't see the same help tooltips every time you enter the game
  • Sound & Music options UI page is working now
  • If you enter a last name that is already taken, it will now let you choose another without needing to exit the client first.
  • New Quests added to Teldis Domain
  • Miscellaneous typographical errors fixed in quest text.
  • New graphics for many daggers, swords, and other weapons.
  • First implementation of Ogran Models in for basic testing.

Berek - Thursday, June 04, 2009 10:55 AM