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We at 3000AD want to create and foster a community where everyone may contribute without fear of being ridiculed, insulted, or otherwise feel like the rest of the community does not want them to participate. We want to create a community in which all types of constructive feedback are allowed. This is a place where original and unique ideas are created, not shunned.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help contribute to this vision we have for the community. While we are respectfully tolerant of others, those who seek to disrupt the community will be warned, then removed if necessary. Use common sense, good judgment and you can feel good in knowing you are a positively part of an exciting community.

"Trolls" and other disruptive forum members will be removed without hesitation. This is your warning. If you are not here to cause trouble, these rules are already understood.

General Forum & Private Messaging Rules
  • Disallowed Topics & Ideologies
    • Religion, Politics, Illegal Activity, Pornography, or other highly sensitive topics. This includes topics that are of an "anti-" nature to the topics listed.
  • No Profanity
    • Though filters are enabled for profanity, any harmful, threatening, defamatory, racial, national, obscene or otherwise offensive language are not allowed. Use of alternative spellings is not tolerant either.
  • No Disrespectful Posts
    • "Flaming" or provoking other community members is not allowed. There are ways to get something "off your chest", but attacking another member is not one of them. These kinds of posts will be locked immediately. DON'T do it. Step away and come back before responding if you feel you might flame someone.
  • No SPAM of any kind
    • Advertisements, copies of posts, "bumps" of posts to push to the top of a forum, or other flooding of the forums for the sake of being heard is not allowed.
  • No Cross Posts
    • Posting in multiple forums of the same topic is called "Spamming"! One post in the proper area is enough. We will move posts to their proper areas, and remove duplicates. Multiple infractions will be cause for account suspension.
  • No Impersonation
    • Impersonating a member of 3000AD or community members is not allowed. Explicit infractions like this will get you suspended immediately. This includes posting personal information of another member without their consent.
  • Petitions
    • We understand you want to be heard, but posting topics like "Devs please read this!", or any excessive petitions are not allowed. This includes private messaging to developers or other community members. We have a forum for feedback, use it with more appropriate topics that we WILL listen to.
  • Age Sensitivity
    • Posting anything not suitable for all participating ages is cause for the subject material to be removed without warning. Multiple infractions will result in account and IP suspension.
  • No Causeless Complaints
    • We value your feedback, but yelling or shouting just to be heard is not allowed. Use common sense when posting comments you wish to be heard by the developers or the rest of the community.
  • Images, Icons, Avatars, Banners
    • We limit forum signature banners to 600w x 150h, and avatars at 100w x 120h. All images of any sort should not include profanity, pornography, tasteless nudity, graphic violence/gore, or purposely disparaging imagery.
  • NDA Material
    • Posting, distributing, or otherwise discussing NDA related material will get you banned immediately. NDA = NON-disclosure agreement. Whether you signed a piece of paper or not, we do not allow you to publicly violate these agreement.
  • IP Logging
    • We do log all IP traffic through the forums and other services. Those who attempt to create multiple accounts for the sake of "Trolling", "Spamming" or other infractions will have ALL of their account investigated, and if necessary, banned. If you feel a ban or other judgment was in error, please do contact us with your reasoning.

Challenging these guidelines are for private contact ONLY. We value your feedback and want to hear from you regarding these guidelines. However, any posts arguing these guidelines in the forums will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to, protesting the actions taken on another member. Multiple infractions will result in your forum account being suspended.

Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time and are enforced at the discretion of 3000AD. By registering for the forums you agree to follow them. For ANY concerns that you might have, or to report someone who is violating these rules, please contact one of our moderators immediately, or use the report buttons if a specific post is identified.