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Mystics are masters of life and death. In addition to keeping people alive with powerful methods of healing, Mystics can enter a deep trance to enhance their healing abilities, and walk the plane of undeath to use deadly words of power to smite their enemies.

Class Traits

  • Trance

    Trance is a stance Mystic can use to supercharge their healing actions. When the Mystic Trances, they attune themselves to the power of Essence greatly improving the power of their healing spells. However, this comes at the cost of offensive power by reducing the effect of their Wrath actions.

  • Deathwalk

    Deathwalk allows the Mystic to slip into a state of undeath. While in this state the Mystic becomes very durable and difficult for opponents to affect. Additionally their power with Wrath based actions is increased. Walking the plane of undeath comes at a price, as the Mystic's effectiveness with healing actions is greatly reduced.

  • Words of Power

    Words of Power are a variety of actions with lasting effects. These Words can be anything from reinforcing buffs that the Mystic places on allies to crippling curses use to devastate foes. Although many Words can be used freely, some Words will prevent the Mystic from using other Word actions for a time due to their significant drain placed on the speaker.

  • Touches of Power

    Touches of Power are a variety of actions with short term effects. These Touches can instantly infuse an ally with health or deliver retribution on an enemy. Touches usually only affect the immediate target of the Mystic, but always have significant impact.


  • Spellfury
  • Divination
  • Empowerment


  • Foundation

    A Mystic is a master of healing and life, and a powerful adversary on the battlefield. A Mystic can use his own natural essence to breathe life into their allies, and his wrath to reign destruction on his foes.

  • Empowerment

    A Mystic specializing in Empowerment will find themselves the masters of fate and healers of many. This specialization allows the Mystic fortify their party and provides healing boosts to their Embraces, allowing the Mystic to stop the inevitable harm coming to their allies.

  • Divination

    A specializing in Divination is the ultimate damage mitigation ally. Their healing on a single target is without parallel and their ability to shield their friends and stop incoming damage altogether makes them ideally suited to the role of a primary healer.

  • Spellfury

    A Mystic specializing in Spellfury will find themselves the harbingers of death itself. This specialization greatly improves the effect of damaging Words and Touches, and also improves the Deathwalk state by adding benefits and removing penalties.

  • Skills

    Mystics are able to use maces, daggers, staves, and wands. They are restricted to light armor and may not use shields.