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48 items found (48 displayed)
  Name Level Source Type
Blessed Hardtack 50 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Camp Chili 33 Camp ChiliNovice Crafting Consumable
Camp Stew 9 Camp StewNovice Crafting Consumable
Chomper Chops 0 Chomper ChopsNovice Crafting Consumable
Delectable Vegetable Dish 45 Consumable
Emergency Biscuits 10 Vendors Consumable
Fiery Cutlet 40 Vendors Consumable
Fresh Green Salad 15 Consumable
Fruit-glazed Brisket 29 Fruit-glazed BrisketNovice Crafting Consumable
Gingerbread Sprog 45 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Golden Biscuit 15 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Golden Roll 15 Vendors Consumable
Gox Berry Treat 15 Gox Berry Fields ForeverGoxan Brush Consumable
Green Bacon 20 Consumable
Lightgrain Muffins 5 Quests, Drop, Vendors Consumable
Marsh Kabob 35 Vendors Consumable
Marshwheat Toast 35 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Meat Jerky 0 Meat JerkyNovice Crafting Consumable
Meat on a Stick 5 Meat on a StickNovice Crafting Consumable
Meat Pie 24 Meat PieNovice Crafting Consumable
Meat Skewer 0 Vendors Consumable
Ogran Brownies 10 Consumable
Oily Skitter Reduction 5 Skitter Au JuisWhey Runs Consumable
Organic Hornshell Sprouts 20 Agri-cultureYarak's Summoning Consumable
Prime Tenderloin 50 Vendors Consumable
Redline Chuck 30 Vendors Consumable
Redscale Omlet 20 Non-stickHokk Digs Consumable
Roasted Chops and Veggies 17 Roasted Chops and VeggiesNovice Crafting Consumable
Roasted Shank 10 Vendors Consumable
Rootbarq Mash 5 Knock on WoodRok Ledge Consumable
Savory Field Salad 25 Consumable
Scrag Bacon 5 Vendors Consumable
Scrumptious Garden Salad 35 Consumable
Simple Curry 13 Simple CurryNovice Crafting Consumable
Skitter Stickers 0 Skitter StickersNovice Crafting Consumable
Spiced Loinchop 20 Vendors Consumable
Steak Medallions 21 Steak MedallionsNovice Crafting Consumable
Succulent Chops 41 Succulent ChopsNovice Crafting Consumable
Sweet and Sour Goulash 45 Sweet and Sour GoulashNovice Crafting Consumable
Sweet Honey Loaf 25 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Sweet Ribs 37 Sweet RibsNovice Crafting Consumable
Sweet Roast 25 Vendors Consumable
Tasty Bread 0 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Teldis Rye 40 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Tender Brisket 45 Vendors Consumable
Traveler's Rations 20 Drop, Vendors Consumable
Whey Bread 10 Quests, Drop, Vendors Consumable
Wholemeal Bread 30 Drop, Vendors Consumable
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