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Wardens use their natural skills and affinity for nature and wildlife to inflict massive damage on their foes. They are able to train beasts and fowl, and to take on the shape of various animals.

A Naturalist will find himself a stealthy and cunning foe in battle, capable of dealing great damage with minimal help from his companions. (shapeshift focus)

The Animalist will focus on the training and growth of a few treasured companions for a long period of time. (companion focus)

The Ethologist is a true pack leader using a telepathic bond with her pack, who are always close at hand. (focus on pack calls and warden's melee/ranged attacks)

Wardens utilize the abilities of nature to inflict massive damage to their foes. Whether the source of the damage be the Wardens' loyal companions, packs of animals, the claws of the Wardens' alternate form, or the weapon held by them, Wardens always find a way to assault their enemies with devastating effect whether they be in close proximity to their target or at a distance.


  • Shapeshifting
    • Wardens are able to take the form of animals to promote their capabilities. Using the powers of the lynx and tiger, Wardens can inflict great amounts of damage to their adversaries, prowl through the shadows to ambush their enemies, or run and great speeds to close a distance quickly.
  • Companions
    • The creatures of nature aid Wardens with the foresight to form a bond with them. These companions assist their masters until they are dismissed from the Warden's side or until defeated.


  • Ethologist
  • Animalist
  • Naturalist


  • Naturalist

    Instead of mastering nature itself, Wardens who master the Naturalist tree become one with nature to further the capabilities of their shapeshifted forms to quickly deal extreme damage with sharpened claws and teeth.

  • Animalist

    The world of Alganon can be incredibly dangerous for those who decide to venture alone. Luckily for Wardens who focus their abilities into the Animalist tree, their companions become highly effective at dealing with threats. Animalist Wardens support their companions by laying traps to inflict extra damage and debuffs on enemies.

  • Ethologist

    Heroes are often born to be leaders, but some Wardens take that aspect to new heights. Ethologist Wardens utilize packs of animals to further their cause, but the assistance is not always necessary. These Wardens can deal substantial damage with their held weapon from any distance.