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The War of Conversion continues to rage. To solidify his hold, Vaspar Truthseeker has ordered four great keeps to be erected in strategic points throughout Kujix lands. The keeps are now complete and are garrisoned with strong troops to defend Kujix interests. Word of the Kujix plan spread to the continent of Ardonya through the Asharr spy network. Seeing the advantage this would give the Kujix, Bredon Furyslayer ordered that great keeps be also built in the lands under control of the Asharr. While this will help each leader to maintain control over his lands, both of them know this to be a two-edged sword. Should an enemy capture a keep, they will be very difficult to displace. In fact, by allowing an enemy to capture his keeps places his own very life in peril, for an enemy holding a keep near a capital city could certainly attack the city itself.

There are 8 keep structures throughout the lands of Alganon, four each on Ardonya and Harraja. These keeps are located in each zone which currently contains a set of 3 towers. An attacking army must take and control each of the 3 towers in order to unlock the keep for attack.

Capturing an Enemy Keep

By using various siege weapons an attacking army can break through the various gates within a keep, then attack and defeat the commander. Successfully accomplishing this goal before losing control of any one of the three towers will change the control of that zone over to the attackers.

Each of the Keeps must be taken in order, from the furthest away to the closest to each Capital city. Once a faction controls all 8 keeps on Alganon they may then press their attack on their enemy's city. Killing Vaspar Truthseeker or Bredon Furyslayer will net the victors the spoils of war! Epic PvP weapons, PvP accessories, Gold, Renown and Experience points. If either leader dies the world resets to its initial state, with each faction controlling 4 keeps.

Keep Locations

Battlefield Promotion

Whenever a player of experience level 10-49 enters a PvP area and is flagged for PvP they will receive a Battlefield Promotion to level 50. This temporary promotion increases the player's attributes to that of a level 50 and increases all known spells to their level 50 equivalent. Also if the player is using Renown PvP gear it will scale to level 50 with the player. This Battlefield Promotion drops when leaving the PvP Tower area. Players of all levels are encouraged to participate in the Tower PvP system!

Keep Related PvP Studies

With the addition of Keep PvP to Alganon we've also added an entire study chain devoted to the defense and capturing of PvP Keeps. These studies boost Renown and various stats while in a PvP Keep area, allow the study of Siege Weaponry for both assault and defense, and even upgrade the Keep fortifications. These studies can be purchased for Tribute from the new PvP Studies trainers in Asheran and Xanjuix Karr.

Keep Improvement Studies

There are studies that allow players to unlock daily quests that reward them with gold, experience and renown, and upgrade the defense of the keeps in a zone. These upgrades come in the form of the addition of garrison personnel and increasing the power and durability of the NPC defenders. There are also studies which upgrade the gates, or add fixed ballista emplacements. Fully upgraded Keeps are much more difficult to capture, and provide ample time for human defenders to arrive as reinforcement.

There are other chains devoted to those who will be attacking enemy keeps. In this study system you can tailor your character to be a keep capturing specialist, or a master of siege weaponry.

PvP: Towers

In order to unlock a Keep for attack the invading army must first capture and control all 3 towers located in the same zone. For more information on PvP Towers go here.