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Rangers are masters of group combat. Using their understanding of animal psychology and their charismatic presence, they influence and inhance the actions and abilities of their companions and party members. Likewise, they are masters of ranged combat, using poweful toxins to reduce the strength of their foes and give their companions an advantage on the battlefield. Rangers can also fulfill the role of tank in a party, protecting their allies against harm. A Lifeblood Ranger can also serve as the primary healer in any party, being good at both single target healing and group healing.


Many Rangers control the battlefield by use of toxins they can apply to arrows and other weapons. These toxins allow them to perform a large variety of actions, ranging from slows, to damage over time, to debuffs. A ranger may only apply one toxin per target, so a skilled Ranger plans her attacks in advance, choosing the right toxin for the right target.


Rangers acquire skills in non-verbal communication. This ability to instill aggression, companionship, fear, confidence, and other emotions in their party members. Rangers can make subtle changes to their body language (presence), allowing them to enhance the abilities of their allies or to place their enemies at a disadvantage. A Ranger can only maintain a single presence at a time.


  • Guardianship
  • Predation
  • Lifeblood


  • Lifeblood

    The wilds of Alganon are a dangerous place. One does not survive long without some sort of knowledge of medicine and healing. A Ranger who focuses her abilities into the Lifeblood tree is highly effective field medic, keeping her allies healed.

  • Predation

    Deep in the heart of every Ranger is the instinct of a beast. By learning to focus this instinctual bloodlust against her enemies, a Ranger is capable of becoming a powerful living weapon. When paired with an equally vicious beast, a Predation Ranger and her companion can deal large amounts of damage to any who dare to oppose them.

  • Guardianship

    This tree provides the Ranger with the skills to enhance her defensive abilities. A Guardianship Ranger focuses her attentions on keeping their allies safe, even if that means sacrificing themselves in the process.

  • Skills

    Rangers are capable of using Light or Medium armor. While most of their damage will be done with a bow, they are also capable of wielding axes, swords, and other melee weapons.