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About Families

Being a part of a family in Alganon is a great way to join with players that share similar interests. For example, power gamers can be in the same family and casual gamers can be in their own family. You can switch families for a fee or by completing a certain quest, but only between families for a given race. A Kodian cannot join a Human family, for example. While family names will be displayed by default upon entering the game, you will have the option to turn them off.

Each race has five different families, and each family represents a different "theme" that attracts gamers of a specific category. Instantly communicate with your new family, protect your siblings, and establish your family's name in the history books.

  • Achiever - Players focused on building their character, collecting things
  • Competitor - Players who focus on competition
  • Explorer - Players who prefer to explore the game
  • Socializer - Those who prefer social interaction foremost
  • Crafter - Those who prefer to gather, build and sell items

Major cities will have Family merchants that sell merchandise just to specific family members. These items are called heirlooms and only affect the player visually. Wedding dresses, tabbards, and even smoking peter pan caps, all types of fun stuff will be available. Different families will have different colors and themes. There are also heirloom pets, such as kittens, frogs, etc. All of these options are based on race and family type.

Every family has its own chat channel that all family members can freely participate in. This channel is automatically "made active" when you log into the game. You will be able to disable/remove the channel, but can rejoin it at any time. You can only join their own family's channel. MyAlganon will have a Family section that lists all the families in the game (for each race) and the members of each family, when they joined, their heirloom status, etc.

You can also create guilds and accomplish tasks to be etched in the Great Library's history books.

Ourobi Familes
Yar-Uli’: Achievers
Many Ourobani have become masters of their art; perfecting the skills known to predecessors many years before. The Yar-Uli', however, strive to expand what is already capable of the empire. The achievements of those in this family will help propel the Ourobani to heights few Humans and Talrok can hope to accomplish. No goal is out of sight for these achievers, and no goal short of total conquest will be acceptable.
Rekatet: Competitors
The members of the Rekatet prefer to protect their way of life through force. Whether it be the swing of a mighty weapon, the steadfast hold of a shield, the sailing of an arrow, or the mystical words of a conjured spell, the actions of the Ourobani's competitive family cause ripples across the lands. Adversaries would be wise to avoid standing in the way of the Ourobani's rise when the Rekatet lead the charge.
Zanakarr: Crafters
The Zanakarr are responsible for many of the tools of war wielded by the Ourobani. Without the skills of these sires of the Ourobani, the empire's rise would likely be little more than a hope and dream. The maintenance and creation of weapons and gear from the Zanakarr are what will allow the Ourobani to one day conquer what is rightfully theirs.
Mok-Shifel: Explorers
The Mok-Shifel are responsible for the scouting Alganon so the Ourobani know where their attacks will be most productive. In addition, the Mok-Shifel family conduct espionage against their foes and situational allies to help ensure the safety and prosperity of their country while the Ourobani continue to expand and gain control of the land. Many of this clan firmly believe that knowledge is strength and continue to bolster the power of the uprising faction through intelligence.
Denmilya: Socializers
Those of the Denmilya family expand the Ourobani empire through diplomacy and manipulation. While the Ourobani are naturally against the other dominant factions of Alganon, it is important for them to remember that taking on the Kujix and Asharr head on would be a futile effort. Thanks to the hushed whispers and political efforts of the Denmilya, the Talroks and Humans will continue to think that they are each other's worst enemies up until the moment when the Ourobani claim their position as the rulers of Alganon.