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Getting StartedReturn to Top

Character CreationReturn to Top

To start your adventures in Alganon you need to create a character. First, select a server. You can change which server you are currently are on by clicking the "Change Realm" button in the top-left corner of the character select screen. You will then need to create a character by clicking the "Create Character" button. During the character creation phase you will choose the character's faction (Asharr (Humans) or Kujix (Talrok)), family, class (champion/reaver, mystic/cabalist, ranger or magus), appearance and name. Players can unlock an extra race (the Ourobi (Ourobani)) and an extra class (warden) by purchasing the required packages in the Tribute Market.

The character's faction affects which other characters they can interact with. Players of the same faction can talk with one other, trade items and form parties. This selection also affects which quests you will be able to accept throughout your adventures. Ourobani characters will change which faction they can interact with. Ourobani characters start off neutral to both the Asharr and Kujix factions, but once a faction’s king is defeated (explained in detail more in the Keeps section of the tutorial), Ourobani characters will become allied to the faction that lost their king and hostile to the opposing faction. While neutral, Ourobani characters will not be able to interact with characters or NPCs that involve faction (capture towers or keeps, accept quests from Asharr or Kujix NPCs, access those factions’ auction houses, accept party invites, or communicate with players of another faction). While allied, Ourobani characters will be able do everything that faction can do. As far as capabilities, the Ourobani will act just like characters of their allied faction.

The choice of family does not have an effect on gameplay, but it does help you interact with other similar players by offering a special chat channel available to characters of the same family and faction. The class of a character affects what role it plays in combat, so it is helpful to read the descriptions of them in the class selection phase of character creation. Finally, you will be able to change the appearance of the character and choose a name. You will not be able to give a first name to the character if another character on the server has the same first name. Certain names are not allowed based on the names of non-player characters in Alganon as well. Multiple players can have the same last name though, or you can leave the last name field empty if you prefer your character have only a first name.

Players may only have four characters on each server to begin with. If four characters are already created, players will have to delete a character to create another. Players may also purchase additional character slots in the Tribute Market so that they can have up to eight characters on each server.


MovementReturn to Top

You can move your character by using the W, S, A, D, Q and E keys on the keyboard as well as the arrow keys. Hold the left and right mouse buttons at the same time will make your character run forward as well. You can move the camera by holding the left mouse button. Holding the right mouse button will turn the character. The Spacebar can be used to make the character jump. You can toggle autorun by pressing the Num Lock key on the keyboard which will cause the character to run forward until you press one of the forward or backward movement keys or the Num Lock key again. These keys can all be changed under Key Bindings in the Options section.


InventoryReturn to Top

Items collected by characters are stored in bags found in the bottom-right corner of the screen. All characters start with a backpack to store items. You can left click an item to move it to another inventory slot or to an action bar slot. You can also right click an equipable gear piece to equip it or right click a useable item to use it. Items that cannot be equipped or used due to requirements will be colored red. Additional bags can be obtained through questing or player interaction. A new bag can be equipped by left clicking the bag while it is in the character's inventory and dragging it to an empty slot in the bag bar. If you wish to replace a bag on the bag bar, you must drag an empty bag from the bag bar into an empty inventory slot in another bag before placing the new bag in the empty bag bar slot. You can also store items in the character's bank which is accessed by finding a banker NPC.


Bind StonesReturn to Top

Bind Stones are special large stones found throughout Alganon which attune your spirit to that spot and allow you to teleport there from anywhere in the game. You can change the character's Bind Stone location by right clicking on a Bind Stone. Once a Character is bound to a Bind Stone, they may teleport back to the Bind Stone by using the Recall action.


Mini-MapReturn to Top

The mini-map can be found in the top-right corner of the screen. The minimap will show green dots where a quest is available, red dots where a quest can be completed, yellow circles where quest objectives are most likely to be found, mailboxes, and where party members are located. The mini-map can also show the location of mining and herbalism nodes if either of those tradeskills are obtained by the player.


World MapReturn to Top

The world map is opened by pressing the M key on the keyboard. You can then zoom out by right clicking anywhere on the map or zoom in by left clicking on an area of the map. Aside from the game world itself, the world map will show quest objectives for an active quest, Tower/Keep locations and where party members are located.


LibraryReturn to Top

The library is a constantly up-to-date repository of all game-related information in the world of Alganon including quests, items, NPCs, areas in the world, and many other details about the game. It is opened by pressing the Y key on the keyboard or by clicking the "Library" button on the system bar. Players can browse through categories in the library by using the Library Browser link in the top-left corner of the library window, or they can search for something specific by typing in the search box at the top of the window. Most sections of the library have a filter option in the top-right corner to help players sort through search results. When viewing enemies and NPCs, players can tell whether or not it will be friendly to the player by noticing the details listed under "React" on the NPC's page or in the search results page.

When searching the Library for NPCs you will see the letters A and K listed in a column on the right. The 'A' and 'K' letters show if the NPC is friendly or aggressive towards Asharr or Kujixx characters. If the letter is red, the NPC is aggressive towards that faction. If the letter is green, the NPC is friendly towards that faction.

It is important to note that the library in-game works the same as the library found at MyAlganon.com for players who wish to look up information even if they’re not playing.

The library can also be used to make a requisition by clicking the "Requisition item" icon when viewing a Library item in the library or at any search or browser results list in the library. For more information on requisitions, please see the Auctioneer section.


Main MenuReturn to Top

Pressing the Esc key on the keyboard or clicking the "Options" button on the system bar opens the main menu. From here you can change various video options, sound options, interface options or key bindings. Players can also logout of their current character and go back to the character select screen, or they can exit out of the game and close the client.



NPC InteractionsReturn to Top

QuestsReturn to Top

Most quests will be accepted and turned in at NPCs, though some quests will be obtained from objects in the world or inventory items or turned in at world objects. An NPC or world object with an available quest will be shown on the mini-map with a green dot while NPCs or world objects that complete a quest are shown with a red dot on the mini-map. A closed book above an NPC or world object shows that there is a quest available while a closed book shows that a quest can be completed.

The quest log is opened by pressing the L key on the keyboard or clicking the "Quest Log" button on the system bar. From the quest log, you can review currently accepted quests, add or remove quests from the quest tracker list by clicking a quest while holding the Shift key on the keyboard or report an issue with a quest by clicking the "Report" button at the top of the quest log window. The quest list shows tracked quests and their objectives. Players can also select an active quest by selecting a quest from the quest log or the quest list. The objectives for an active quest (such as enemies that must be killed, enemies that drop an item that must be collected or a world object with which the player must interact or an NPC with which the player must interact) will be shown on the mini-map and the world map. The number of circles on the maps showing objectives' locations can be adjusted in the interface options.

VendorsReturn to Top

Many NPCs will sell items to players or buy items from them. These vendors sell a wide variety of wares such as items required for quests, items required for tradeskill crafting recipes, mounts, companions, equipable gear, or many other items. You can also sell items to these vendors to free up inventory space or to earn some extra coin. If you sell an item to a vendor accidentally or wish to regain a sold item, you can click the "Buyback" tab at the bottom of the vendor window to buy an item back that has been sold to a merchant. You do not need to visit the same merchant to which the item was sold to buy it back, but only the last twelve items sold to vendors will be stored in the buyback tab. All items are removed from the buyback tab when a character logs off as well. In addition to buying and selling items, many of vendors will also repair a character's gear that has lost adventure durability. For more on durability, please see the Combat and Crafting section.


AuctioneersReturn to Top

Auctioneers can be found in the capital cities of Asheran for Asharr faction characters, Xanjuix Karr for Kujix faction characters and Axelion for Ourobani characters and their current allies. You can place items on the auction house where other players of the same faction can bid on the items in hopes of placing the highest bid to win the auction and receive the item at the end of the auction's time. Instead of bidding on the item, a player can pay the buyout price on the item to immediately receive it. If a player places the winning bid or pays the buyout price on an item, the item will be mailed to the player.

You can also fill out a requisition at an auctioneer. Requisitions are requests put in by one player to have an item made/sent to you from another player. This is done by clicking the "Requisition item" icon when viewing an item in the library or at any search or browser results list in the library. If another player has an item that has been requisitioned, they can fulfill the requisition which will remove the item from the character's inventory and then mail the coin reward for fulfilling the requisition to the character.


BankersReturn to Top

Banks help you to safely store items without having to keep them in your bags. Bankers can be found in Asheran for Asharr faction characters, Xanjuix Karr for Kujix faction characters and Axelion for Ouobani characters and their current allies. While characters start with only one bank shelf, additional shelves can be purchased with coin or Tribute. The bottom portion of the bank is a shared bank shelf. Items and coin stored in the shared bank can be accessed by all of your account's characters of the same faction on the server. Items that are bound to the character can be stored in regular bank shelves but cannot be stored in the shared bank shelf.


City GuardsReturn to Top

The guards located in Xanjuix Karr, Asheran and Axelion can help players find locations and NPCs within the cities. The guards will give directions to players to help them find class trainers, auctioneers, bankers, and many other helpful things that players may have trouble locating within the confines of the city. Simply talk to a guard to begin asking for directions.



Combat and CraftingReturn to Top

Character SheetReturn to Top

Your character's stats, level, renown level, guild rank, and guild's name are all displayed in the character sheet. You can view your character's character sheet by pressing the C key on the keyboard or by clicking the "Character Info" button on the system bar. In the character sheet, you can left click a gear piece in your inventory and then click the gear slot it belongs in to equip the item. Different weapon and armor pieces can alter the character's stats (listed in the center of the character sheet). Buffs and debuffs also affect the stats of characters. Buffs generally refer to positive effects, such as increasing the strength of the character, while debuffs generally refer to negative effects, such as decreasing the character's attack speed. You can view the buff or debuff affects on each of your skills by hovering your mouse cursor over the stat name you wish to view.

  • Attributes:
    • Strength – Increases Attack Power and base Block Amount
    • Agility – Increases Physical Critical Chance and base Dodge chance
    • Endurance – Increases amount of character’s health
    • Soul – Affects health and focus regeneration rates
    • Intellect – Increases amount of character’s focus

If you have unlocked a new Title for your character, you can change your current title by clicking on the downward-facing arrow in the upper right corner of the character sheet and picking your title. the character's title can be changed from this window.

At the bottom of the character sheet, you can select tabs to see the character's reputation with various factions or the character's skill level with weapons or in chosen trade skills. In the Reputation tab, expand each listing to show if you are friendly, neutral or an enemy of each listed faction. This will determine how they react to you (treat you as a friend, hostile or neither). The skills tab shows your proficiency in each learned offensive, defensive and trade skill you have learned. You can click on each skill for a brief description on what it is and, if it is a learned trade skill, be given the option to untrain it should you wish to.


NPC AggressivenessReturn to Top

When you come across NPCs in Alganon, it is easy to tell how the NPC will react to you by noticing the color of the NPC's name as well as the targeting circle that appears on the ground underneath the NPC. If the name and targeting circle are green, the NPC is friendly towards the character. Friendly NPCs cannot be attacked by you. NPCs with a yellow name and targeting circle are neutral. A neutral NPC will not actively attack a player, but it will defend itself if you attack it. A red name and targeting circle means an NPC is aggressive. Aggressive NPCs will attack you if you get too close to it or if you attack it. You can check the aggressiveness of NPCs by viewing them in the library as well. The 'A' and 'K' letters under the "React" category of the NPC's page or a search results page are colored green if the NPC is friendly or red to show if the NPC is aggressive. The color shown for the 'A' letter applies to Asharr faction characters while the color of the 'K' letter applies to Kujix faction characters.


Auto AttackReturn to Top

Auto attacking refers to basic attacks with the character’s equipped weapons. You can start auto attacking an enemy by right clicking the enemy, pressing the T key on the keyboard with an enemy targeted, or by using the Attack or Ranged Attack actions with an enemy targeted. These auto attack methods will only work while the enemy is within attack range and there is no object between the character and the target.


ActionsReturn to Top

Actions include magic spells, special attacks with additional bonuses, or summoning companions or mounts. The action book, which is opened by pressing the P key on the keyboard or by clicking the "Action book" button on the system bar, is where all these actions are stored. Class trainers will have new actions and higher ranks of actions for you to train as your character gains levels.


MountsReturn to Top

Mounts increase the movement speed of a character while the character is mounted. Actions to summon mounts are found in a special tab of their own in the action book. Using another action, such as using another mount or casting a spell, will cause the character to dismount. Attacking an enemy or gathering resources with a tradeskill will also cause the character to dismount. Flying mounts can be purchased from the Tribute Market. These special mounts can be used by level 50 characters to fly over the world of Alganon, but players will be pulled to the ground if they fly over a tower or keep area.


CraftingReturn to Top

Tradeskills are used to craft a wide variety of items. All characters start with novice crafting and are able to choose two tradeskills. You’ll need to unlearn a tradeskill before learning another if you already have two tradeskills learned by going to the skills window by pressing the K key on the keyboard, clicking on the tradeskill they wish to unlearn, and then clicking on the red icon in the bottom-right corner of the skills window. Novice crafting is the only tradeskill that cannot be unlearned.

Each tradeskill has its own action which can be found in the “Tradeskills” tab in the action book. Using this action from the action book or from an action bar opens the crafting window for that tradeskill. The crafting window shows all of the crafting recipes available to the character. Selecting a recipe will show the materials required to craft the item at the bottom of the crafting window. You are able to craft more than one of the same item by changing the number count at the bottom of the crafting window, or select the "Craft All" button to complete the selected recipe as many times as possible given how many materials the character has.

The level of the tradeskill increases as the character crafts items. The color of the text of a recipe in the crafting window shows the likelihood of earning a tradeskill point from crafting the item. Orange recipes have the greatest chance to increase the character's tradeskill level, with yellow recipes offering less of a chance of earning a tradeskill point, green recipes offering even less chance, and grey recipes offering no chance of increasing the character's tradeskill level. There is a chance characters can gain tradeskill points from gathering resources as well. As the character's tradeskill level increases, they will be able to train new recipes from a tradeskill trainer. At intervals of fifty tradeskill points, you will need to visit a tradeskill trainer to make the next fifty tradeskill levels available until the character reaches the maximum tradeskill level of two-hundred and fifty.


Action BarsReturn to Top

Action bars allow you to quickly use actions and items without having to open the action book or inventory. An action or item can be dragged to an action bar slot so you can use it by clicking the icon on the action bar or by clicking the key assigned to that slot. The up and down arrows to the right of main action bar will cycle through six different action bar arrangements. There is a setting in the interface options to add additional action bars, but you cannot switch through action bars like the main action bar. The reaver/champion, mystic/cabalist, and ranger classes also have a special action bar where special stance type actions are kept. Changing stances will change the main action bar as well, though any additional action bars on the user interface will stay the same.


InstancesReturn to Top

Instances are special areas designed to be completed by a group of players. The recommended level to complete an instance differs for each instance. Within these instances, players will face against groups of difficult enemies as well as special boss enemies. These bosses will drop special gear pieces which can be quite beneficial to characters of the appropriate level. Enemies defeated within an instance will remain defeated until the instance is reset. You can reset instances by right clicking the character's portrait in the top-left corner of the screen, selecting the "My Instances" option, and then either clicking the "Reset All" button in the bottom-left corner of the window or by selecting an instance from the list and clicking the "Reset" button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

The difficulty of certain instances is changed by right clicking the character's portrait, mousing over the "Instance Difficulty" option, and then choosing the "Standard" or "Test of Faith" option. Instances set to the test of faith difficulty are designed to be completed by a group of characters which have reached the maximum level and have gathered a fairly high level of equipment. Test of faith instances cannot be reset in the same way standard instances can be reset; they automatically reset once a day. The only way to manually reset a test of faith instance is by using a ToF Instance Reset Token from the Tribute Market. These tokens will reset a test of faith instance for the character who uses the token.


DurabilityReturn to Top

Equipped weapons and armor can suffer from durability loss the more they are used. There are two types of durability: adventure and battle (PvP). When wearing standard, non-PvP gear and not fighting in PvP, there is a chance that the character's gear will lose a small amount of adventure durability when it is hit by an enemy. Dying will also cause a set amount of durability loss to gear pieces. Additional adventure durability is lost if the player resurrects at a resurrection stone instead of traveling back to their body to resurrect. When a gear piece's adventure durability reaches zero, any benefit the gear piece grants the character will no longer affect the character. Most vendors found throughout Alganon are able to repair the adventure durability of gear for a fee. Repaired gear will function exactly the same as it did before losing adventure durability.

Battle durability is lost when a character is killed by an enemy player. Reaching zero battle durability in a PvP battle has the same consequence as if the adventure durability was zero. Battle durability is repaired by clicking the battle durability icon on the durability bar and spending Tribute.

It is important to note that adventure durability is only taken when not fighting in PvP battles and battle durability only occurs when fighting someone in PvP. These durabilities do not affect each other; if your adventure durability falls to zero, you will still be granted the benefits of the armor/weapons for PvP use if that durability is greater than zero (and vice versa).



Character AdvancementReturn to Top

Leveling UpReturn to Top

Your character gains experience points by completing quests and defeating enemies. Completing higher level quests and defeating higher level enemies will reward the character with more experience points, but defeating enemies while in a party or raid with a higher level character will grant the character fewer experience points. After receiving a set amount of experience points, the character will gain a level. Gaining levels increases the stats of the character, offers the character new actions or new ranks of actions to train, and allows the character to equip higher level gear pieces and accept higher level quests. Characters also earn an ability point every level starting at level eleven.


RenownReturn to Top

Renown is earned by killing an enemy player, capturing a PVP tower or completing certain PVP related quests. After earning a set amount of renown, a character will earn a renown level. Increasing a character's renown level allows the character to equip more pieces of PVP gear and offers new PVP oriented quests to the character.


AbilitiesReturn to Top

Characters earn an ability point every level starting at level eleven. Ability points can be spent in the ability window which can be opened by pressing the N key on the keyboard or by clicking the "Abilities and Roles" button on the system bar. Putting ability points into an ability will affect the character's stats, alter an action, or make a new action available to the character. Each tier in the ability tree requires five points be spent in that tree. To reset how ability points are spent, click the "Reset" button at the bottom of the abilities window and spend a set amount of coin. This method to reset ability points can only be utilized once per level. To reset ability points more than once per level, you will need to purchase Ability Reset Tokens from the Tribute Market. Roles, which can be purchased with Tribute using the “Buy Additional Roles” button on the left side of the abilities window, allow you to save different arrangements of ability points which you can switch between as long as your character is not in combat. This can be more convenient to some players than using Ability Reset Tokens to change the assignment of ability points.

In addition to the ability points offered through leveling, you can purchase Ability Boost packs in the Tribute Market. Each Ability Boost service in the Tribute Market grants five extra ability points to all currently and future characters on an account for a total of ten ability points if both Ability Boosts are purchased.


StudiesReturn to Top

Studies allow you to customize the play style of your character even while the character is not online by increasing its combat effectiveness, stats, or even unlocking new crafting recipes. Pressing the I key on the keyboard or clicking the "Studies" button on the system bar will open the studies window where you can add studies to the character's study queue. You can do this by double clicking or right clicking a study from the study list on the left side of the study window. You can add multiple studies or ranks of a study to the study queue so that when one is completed the next study in the queue will automatically start. Each study has five available ranks. Some studies are unlocked when a study is completed; others must be trained from a study trainer in the capital city. Study effects and requirements can be found in the Library to help plan out a character's study progression.

Study Boons are available for purchase in the Tribute Market which allow for quick study completion and character customizing.



Player InteractionReturn to Top

Chat WindowsReturn to Top

The chat window is where most player interaction occurs. Messages from other players, system messages from the Alganon development and support teams or combat messages appear in the chat window. Different types of messages appear in different colors in the chat window to help players easily tell from where a message is coming. Pressing the Enter key on the keyboard will open the text entry field where you can type a message before pressing the Enter key again to send the message. Many methods of sending messages can be viewed by clicking the speech bubble on the side of the chat window. Using these to begin a message will result in the message being viewable by certain players.

  • Frequently Used Chat Methods:
    • /p – sends message to your current party
    • /g – sends message to your guild
    • /w character’s name - sends a whisper to a single character
    • /r – replies to the last person to send you a whisper
    • /emote – sends a customized emote
    • /1 – sends message to players in the same region your character is in
    • /3 – used for in-game issues and support only
    • /4 – sends messages to everyone in your faction

Social WindowReturn to Top

The who list, which is opened by pressing the O key on the keyboard, clicking the "Social" button on the system bar, or typing /who, lets you search for characters that are online by typing various criteria into the "Query" field up to a maximum of fifty search results. Possible query criteria can include a character's name, part of a character's name, a guild's name, part of a guild's name, class, or level. Only characters of the same faction as your character will be shown in the who list search results. If you enter nothing but a space into the "Query" field before searching, the who list will populate all online characters on the server. You can also set a message in the LFG field to help tell other players that you are looking for a group for a specific task. Once a character is found in the who list, you can send that character a whisper, invite the character to a party, or add that character to your friend list.


InspectingReturn to Top

You can inspect another character by targeting the character, right clicking the target portrait, and choosing the "Inspect" option. The window that appears is similar to the character sheet, but it shows the gear currently equipped, level and renown level of the targeted character.


Parties and RaidsReturn to Top

Parties are groups of characters generally formed to accomplish a task such as completing quests or completing an instance. All characters in a party receive experience from defeated enemies. Loot dropped by enemies is split between party members as well depending on the loot rules set for the party. The loot rules can be changed by right clicking the character portrait, highlighting the "Loot Method" option, and then choosing one of the available options.

The "Need Before Greed" option will cause a roll window to appear when certain items are looted by a player. After everyone in the party selects the "Need", "Greed" or "Pass" option in the roll window, the game will randomly select numbers for everyone who chose "Need" or "Greed." The player who gets the highest number wins the item, but those who selected "Need" get priority over players who chose "Greed."

The "Round Robin" option means that the first player in the party receives the first item dropped, the second player in the party receives the second item, and so on through the party.

The "Free For All" option means that the first player to loot a defeated enemy will receive any items on it.

The rank of items that follow these loot rules can be changed by right clicking on the character portrait, highlighting the "Loot Threshold" option and then choosing one of the available options.

Players can form a group by typing /invite before a character's name. The first person to send the party invite is marked as the party leader, but the leader can make another party member the leader by right clicking the other character's name in the party user interface and choosing the "Promote to Leader" option. Only the party leader can invite other players into a party that is already formed. Only the party leader can change the "Loot Method" and "Loot Threshold" settings as well.

While a party may only have up to six members, the party leader can change the party to a raid by right clicking the character portrait and selecting the "Convert Party to Raid" option which increases the member limit to twenty-four. The party leader will become the raid leader of the new raid group, but players can promote a raid member to the raid leader the same way party leaders promote members to the party leader. The same rules for loot and experience apply to raids as they do to parties. The raid leader can also right click a raid member in the raid user interface element to assign a raid assistant. Raid assistants are able to invite new players to the raid, but they cannot change the raid's loot settings or kick a player from the raid.


TradingReturn to Top

You can trade with other players by targeting a character of the same faction, right clicking the target portrait and choosing the "Trade" option. You need to be within a certain distance of the other player for the trade window to open. Once the trade window opens, you’ll be able to drag items from your inventory to the trade window or enter a coin amount at the bottom of the trade window to setup a trade. After both players click the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the trade window, any coin and/or items placed in the trade window will be transferred.


MailReturn to Top

Mail can be sent to other characters of the same faction by clicking on a mailbox found throughout Alganon and then choosing the "Send Mail" tab at the bottom of the mail window. The recipient's name must be entered at the top in the "Send To:" field as well as something in the "Subject:" field before the mail can be sent. More details can be entered in the body of the mail, but it is not necessary to enter anything in this field. Items and coin can be attached to the mail by dragging items from the inventory to one of the open item slots in the mail window. To send money, you will need to check the "Send Money" check box in the bottom-right corner of the mail window. Checking the "COD" check box in the bottom-right corner of the mail window will make it so the recipient has to pay the amount of coin set by the sender before being able to remove attached items. To check received mail, players can double click one of the messages and then double click any attached coin or items to remove them from the mail. Please note that mail containing items being sent to another account can take up to 30 minutes to arrive.


DuelingReturn to Top

Dueling is a way for two players, regardless of faction affiliation, to fight each other without penalties from dying. Duels are initiated by targeting another character, right clicking the target portrait, then choosing the "Duel" option. If you want to automatically deny any received duel requests, you can right click the character portrait and select the "Ignore Duel Requests". If the second player accepts the challenge, the duel will begin in a short time. The first player to reach one health or who runs too far from where the duel started loses the duel. Dueling is not allowed within the capital cities except in the Tournament Grounds in Asheran or Winnower’s Circle in Xanjuix Karr.


PVP FlagReturn to Top

Players who enable the player vs. player flag by right clicking the player portrait and selecting the "Enable PVP" option are able to be attacked by players of the opposite faction without initiating a duel. Attacking a character that has the PVP flag enabled will automatically turn your PVP flag on as well. Players who engage in combat in this method are able to kill each other to earn renown. To disable the PVP flag, right click the player portrait and select the "Disable PVP" option. The PVP flag will then disable after five minutes as long as you do not attack any characters that have their PVP flag enabled or enter a PVP area.


TowersReturn to Top

Tower zones are special PVP areas throughout Alganon. Certain zones across the world have towers located within them which are controlled by one of the factions. These towers can be captured by the Asharr and the Kujix or by the Ourobani when they are allied with one of these two factions. The Ourobani will not be able to capture towers if they are neutral. Players at a tower controlled by the character's faction receive a buff which increases renown earned. A special user interface element appears when you enter a zone that contains PVP towers. This user interface element shows which faction controls each tower and the keep in the zone, if the tower is being attacked or defended, and how long before the tower can be captured again.

You can also view where the towers are located in the zone you are in by opening the world map and navigating to the zone where you are currently located. You will receive a message in the chat window if you enter a tower area letting you know that your PVP flag will automatically enable if you remain in the tower area for five seconds. The PVP flag will disable five minutes after leaving the tower area as long as you do not attack any PVP flagged characters or manually turn the PVP flag on.

To capture a tower, players must fight past the tower guardian NPCs and stand next to the flag atop the tower. The tower will be captured more quickly the more players of the capturing faction there are standing next to the flag. Players of the defending faction who stand next to the flag will slow down the capturing time. Once a tower has been captured, all of the NPC guardians at the tower will disappear and will slowly be replaced with NPCs of the capturing players' faction. A tower cannot be captured again for one hour after it has been captured or reset due to the king’s defeat. A Tower Control page is shown in the Library to give a quick glance of the current Tower status.


KeepsReturn to Top

Keeps are an extension of the PVP towers in Alganon. Once the Asharr or Kujix control all three towers in a zone, players of that faction (and their Ourobani allies) will be able to attack the keep in that zone. As with towers, Ourobani characters cannot attack a keep while they are neutral. To capture the keep, players must destroy the gates to the keep with siege weapons, fight past the NPCs inside, and then defeat the keep’s commander. Keep defenders have their own methods of warding off attackers in the form of pots of boiling oil, land mines and ballistae. Many studies are available to increase the effectiveness of your character in keeps combat, increase the number of NPC guards and allow your character to use siege weapons and defense items. After all four keeps on one continent are captured, the corresponding capital city (Xanjuix Karr in Harraja and Asheran for Ardonya) can be attacked by the opposing faction to defeat the capital’s king. Those who defeated the king are rewarded with Renown, experience points, coin and the chance to loot PVP gear. Once the king has fallen and after a two hour delay, all keeps and towers are reset to their original faction control. Ourobani characters will also become neutral to both factions for ten minutes after a king is defeated. This gives those players time to retreat to a safe location before their allegiance is changed. After ten minutes, Ourobani characters will become allied to the faction that lost their king.



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Tribute is the optional virtual currency of Alganon allowing for the purchase of fantastic items, boons and special character features not available outside of the Tribute Market. Tribute is purchased by clicking the "Market" button on the system bar, clicking the "Market" button on the Tribute menu that pops up, and then clicking the "Add" link in the top-left corner of the Alganon market window next to the player's current Tribute balance. You can then select a Tribute package to purchase and the method you want to pay for the Tribute. This includes most major credit cards, Zeevex tokens, or an UltimatePay option such as PayPal. Further instructions will be shown in the window to complete the purchase. Tribute is assigned to an account instead of a character, so any Tribute added is accessible to all characters on an account regardless of faction or server.


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After adding Tribute to an account, you can access the Tribute market by clicking the "Market" button on the system bar and then clicking the "Market" button on the Tribute menu that pops up. From the Tribute market window, you can browse through different categories to find various items and services available for purchase. There are many different items available in the Tribute market such as elixirs to increase experience gained, mounts, cosmetic items and talismans to increase the stat bonuses on gear pieces. Services in the Tribute market include boosts to the number of ability points characters have available, how many characters you can create on each server and how many quests your characters can accept at a time.


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Some purchases in the Tribute market will only affect one character, so you will need to claim the item or service on the character you wish to receive the purchase. The claim window is accessed by clicking the “Market” button on the system bar and then clicking the “Claim” button on the Tribute menu. Clicking the “Claim” button next to one of the purchases shown in this claims button will automatically give the item or service to the character with which you are currently logged in.


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Tribute vendors are located in the capital cities of Xanjuix Karr and Asheran. These vendors look just like regular NPC vendors, but they sell items for Tribute instead of coin. The majority of items purchased from these Tribute vendors can be sold back to the vendors within one hour of purchase for a refund on the Tribute used as long as the item has not been used.


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Some Tribute items are only available for a set time frame. Once the time frame has expired, they cannot be used again or no longer grant bonuses until you pay maintenance on the item. Maintenance can be paid from the maintenance window which can be opened by clicking the "Market" button on the system bar and then clicking the "Maintenance" button on the Tribute menu. Another way to pay maintenance is by right clicking on the item (or action in the case of mounts) and selecting the “Reactivate” option. This will deduct Tribute from your available balance and reactivate the item.



If your character happens to get stuck while playing Alganon, you can type /stuck to move your character a short distance to help free themselves. If you happen to need support from the Alganon GM team, you can reach them through several different methods, all of which are listed on the Support page linked at the bottom of MyAlganon.com.

Tickets are sent to the GM team by clicking the "Support Tickets" button on the system bar and then clicking the "Add Ticket" link in the top-right corner of the Alganon tickets window. You will be able to include details on the issue before sending it to the GMs. In addition to the ticket system, you are able to email the GMs by sending an email to support@alganon.com. Many support related questions and answers can be found on the forums at Alganon.com as well, or you can often find our GMs in Alganon during support hours.