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The Ourobani's goal was once to bring back their lost god by opening every portal in Alganon. While that goal still remains as a secondary objective, they have now shifted their focus to rising up as the most prominent race in Alganon by defeating the Kujix and Asharr through force and manipulation.

To make sure they can accomplish their goal unimpeded, the Ourobi have turned to temporarily assisting the Asharr and Kujix. By utilizing the economies of both factions and assisting one when the other gains too much power, the Ourobi are stunting the growth of the other races of Alganon while promoting their own.

Introduction and History

During the Second Age, the Age of Devastation, the gods created new races to replace the failed Colossus-born which had sundered the surface of the world in their war with the gods. Among these races were the Dronar, a very large race who were given a passion for building structures and harvesting metals from the earth. The gods gifted a series of portals known as the Infinite Circle to the Dronar to hasten their reconstruction of Alganon and Ouroban was charged with keeping these portals open.

Once the deities began to split into two factions, both sides demanded that the portals be closed to remove an advantage for their opposition. Ouroban refused, for he had seen more than any other god during his travels through the Infinite Circle and began to gather more information about Alganon and beyond than the other gods never would have imagined. His rejection of their demands would eventually lead to his death. The mortals do not know how the battle was fought, and the deities do not speak of the details, but Ouroban was no more and the portals were closed.

The followers of Ouroban, now calling themselves the Ourobi, began reopening all the portals in Alganon. They believed that Ouroban was not truly dead and could be brought back if the Infinite Circle was complete. They would earn revenue from the warring Asharr and Kujix by charging for the use of the Infinite Circle to expedite their goal, but progress was too slow. The Ourobi turned to other means of accelerating their efforts. They decided to utilize the economy of both the Asharr and Kujix to increase revenue and use the one thing that mattered most to both factions against them: the War of Conversion. With the warring races too occupied to realize the true intention of the Ourobi, the rising faction is working towards becoming the dominant race of Alganon so that they can bring back Ouroban from his prison outside the known world.