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The protectors of the lands, Humans are very versatile specialize in everything from melee combat to ranged and magical combat. With a rich history and deep ties to the Asharr, Humans are found all over the world, with Asheran being their home city.

While the humans are hated by many races throughout the world, namely the Gnolls, Ogran, and Fiends, the true rivalry lies between the Humans and the Talrok, a race of which the Humans despise. Talrok feel the same about Humans, and when members of both races come into proximity, there is usually blood.

Humans are known as the founders of the Asharr as well as the creation of the Asheran Protectorate and Ardonya Guard factions.

Introduction and History

Created in the Second Age by the god Argon, the Humans have a long and harsh history in the world of Alganon. While they built Asheran in the Third Age and created alliances with the Sylvain and Dronar, the Humans were brought to the brink of extinction during The Great War of the Forth age. With only a handful left after the war, the Humans led the rebuilding of Asheran and the decision not to re-establish relations with the races of Harraja. The human Emperor Auis Talon Kesranu I created the Asharr in 122 DE, beginning a new age of peace, order, and law.

Shortly after the foundation of the Asharr, the Humans declared war against the new Ogran and Gnoll races, endorsing their complete genocide. However, before they could finish the job, the Undead Invasion came upon the world, forcing the Humans to re-focus their efforts to protect their people and cities.

It was during this time that the Humans re-established a relationship with their creator Argon. It is said that this change in support among the gods was the spark that caused the Deities to split their allegiances between those of Order and Chaos.

Towards the end of the Sixth age, the Humans were instructed by Argon to welcome the new Kodian into the world, and protect them. The humans obeyed, bringing the Kodian into the arms of the Asharr organization. Shortly after the Kodian joined, the Skitter Infestation began, and once again, all of the Asharr races were brought forth to fend off a single enemy.

With the defeat of the Undead and the Skitters, Human ego had grown excessively, leading to the beginning of The War of Conversion.

Humans have become a proud and confident race and hold themselves as the core of the Asharr.