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Towers have been built throughout the world of Alganon. These Towers act as control points for the Keep located in their respective zone. If an invading faction captures all three Towers in a single zone, they unlock that zone's keep, allowing the keep to become attackable. If the invaders can then capture the keep, zone control will be shifted to the invader's faction.

Every tower is located within a PvP area. If a player is not already flagged for PvP they will be given a message stating they have 5 seconds to leave or be automatically flagged for PvP. This auto-PvP-flag will be disabled 5 minutes after leaving the PvP tower area unless further PvP action is taken.

Capturing a Tower

To capture a Tower you must make your way to the flag at the top and remain there long enough to capture the flag, which will pass control of that tower to your faction. The more people capturing this flag at once, the quicker the capturing bar counts down (this boost caps at 5 players, but more than 5 may participate in the assault). Once captured, all Tower defender NPCs will be replaced by defenders of your faction and a 1 hour cooldown timer will begin. Until this timer reaches zero the Tower will not be able to be captured by the opposing faction.

Tower Locations

Battlefield Promotion

Whenever a player of experience level 10-49 enters a PvP area and is flagged for PvP they will receive a Battlefield Promotion to level 50. This temporary promotion increases the player's attributes to that of a level 50 and increases all known spells to their level 50 equivalent. Also if the player is using Renown PvP gear it will scale to level 50 with the player. This Battlefield Promotion drops when leaving the PvP Tower area. Players of all levels are encouraged to participate in the Tower PvP system!

Tower Related PvP Studies

With the addition of Tower PvP to Alganon we've also added an entire study chain devoted to the defense and capturing of PvP Towers. These studies boost Renown and various stats while in a PvP Tower area. These studies can be purchased for Tribute from the new PvP Studies trainers in Asheran and Xanjuix Karr.

Tower Improvement Studies

There are studies that allow players to unlock daily quests that reward them with gold, experience and renown, and upgrade the defense of the towers in a zone. These upgrades come in the form of the addition of Archers and Medical Personnel and increasing the power and durability of the NPC defenders. Fully upgraded Towers are much more difficult to capture, and provide ample time for human defenders to arrive as reinforcement.

There is a second chain devoted to those who will be attacking enemy towers. In this study system you can tailor your character to be a tower capturing specialist. You can also unlock daily quests which will make Towers in a zone more susceptible to attack from your allies.

PvP: Keeps

Keeps are large and heavily defended fortifications that allow for military control of an entire zone. Taking control of the 3 towers in the zone is the key to unlocking these keep fortifications for attack, for more discussion on the PvP Keeps system and what happens after you capture all 3 towers go here.