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Summoning the Spirit


Collect three Rage of the Woods, three Fury of Nature, and three Blood of the Samplings.


That is the same tree that called to me, Asharr. That tree told me of the logging camps and the defiling of these great woods. It told me that the very nature of these woods has been defiled. If we are to help these woods, we must summon the defiled spirit and slay it. Only then can it be replaced with a new spirit - one of beauty and glory. The Spirit Tree has chosen you, Asharr. It has chosen you to gather the reagents from the enraged and restless spirits of the forest.
Seek out and destroy the enraged and restless spirits of the forest. They carry the reagents we need.
With these we can summon the defiled spirit, and drive it from these lands.


  • None


  • 4890 experience
  • 10 50
Quest Facts

- Level: 30
- Requires level 27
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Whispers in the Wood
  2. Summoning the Spirit
  3. Spirits at Rest
  4. Given Freely