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Phase 3: Profit


Bring a Sweet Honey Loaf to Ranger Daan to complete his creation.


It's still missing something... Let's see here, ... two sweetmeat patties, special sauce, hopgrass, cheese... A bun! This would be perfect on a bun! Bring me a sweet honey loaf and I'll have created the perfect sandwich! You can buy one in almost any town. I'd check with Biggle in Muck Trader... unless you want to run all the way to Asheran.
You should be able to buy Sweet Honey Loaf in any town. If you can't find one, check in Asheran.
Perfect! Now to give it a name... I know, the Daan... no... the Big Daan! The Big Daan Deluxe! I'm gonna be rich!


  • None


  • 2330 experience
  • 2 10
Quest Facts

- Level: 14
- Requires level 12
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Phase 1: Collect Skitters
  2. Phase 2: ???
  3. Phase 3: Profit