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Fashion Police


Craft three Dreadlithe Hoods and return them to the Master Craftsman.


A craftsman should never be wasteful, my friend. The mark of a true Master is the ability to turn something old in to something new again. If you can craft three Dreadlith Hoods our novice pupils may continue their studies using the items that you provide. For compensation the guild may be willing to bestow to you a Blessed Ribbon, which as I am sure you are aware is quite valuable.



What have you brought me?
The old will become new again, my friend! You have provided us with ample supplies so that we may continue our research in to our art. Take this Blessed Ribbon with my thanks.


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    Quest Facts

    - Level: 0
    - Requires level 0
    - Type: Daily
    - Side:   
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: No