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Task: Warfiend Karr


Kill ten Skix Scouts.


Now that it is apparent that Boneblade has betrayed our cause, he must be eliminated as do his followers. Before we deal with him however, we must deal a blow to the Skix before they gain anymore power and upset the balance we’ve worked so hard to obtain. I’ve received reports of their scouts passing dangerously close to important locations. This cannot be tolerated. Eliminate these traitors and return for your next orders.
Have they learned their lesson?
Excellent, let us move on to the second stage of our plan. Here are two scrolls with your next objectives. Read them carefully.


  • You will receive: 2 1 30


  • 76380 experience
  • 2 1 30
Quest Facts

- Level: 50
- Requires level 48
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes