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Task: Necromancy


Kill five Coven Bonecallers and five Coven Glyphblades.


If there is one thing that all the gods seem to agree upon, it is that Necromancy is a perversion of the order of things, and thus is not tolerated upon the face of Alganon. The Coven seeks to resurrect this forbidden art and usurp the chosen race as leaders of some new empire ruled by dark and twisted magic. This madness must be uprooted and annihilated before its taint can spread further. Go, and send them a message; "Your time has come." Seek out the Exodite of Knowledge here in the city and he will see you off to the Lethe Caves, deep in enemy territory.
Are they dead?
Let us make it abundantly clear that the reward for blasphemy is death. Here are two scrolls with your next objectives. Read them carefully.


  • You will receive: 25 20


  • 14380 experience
  • 25 20
Quest Facts

- Level: 20
- Requires level 18
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes