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Archduke of Alchemy


Obtain a Renown Rank of Fifteen.


    Tales of your ruthlessness have reached my ears numerous times, and I have yet another task for you that will reap immense benefits in the form of knowledge pertaining to the ancient weapons once sealed during the Great War of the Fourth Age. Continue to drive back the heretics, burn their weapons, destroy their morale, and render them powerless in the face of the true gods of Alganon. Raise your ranking in the War of Conversion high enough that all will know of your deeds, and these once sealed relics will once again wreak havoc on the foolish.


    • Renown (Renown Level 8)
    • Alchemy (Requires 250 in Skill Alchemy)


    No mercy to the enemy, for they will show none.
    Your deeds have been witnessed and so shall be rewarded. Let us continue towards the path of victory.



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    Quest Facts

    - Level: 0
    - Requires level 0
    - Side: Kujix
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes


    1. Cutting Down the Seedlings
    2. The Seeds of Fear
    3. Archduke of Alchemy