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Metals of Honor


Gather fifteen Iron Lumps from loadstones and ten Charcoal Logs from Raving Cinderbarqs.


Since you did an outstanding job getting us the wood we needed, I've been meaning to give you another task that will help push us towards victory. We need more iron and charcoal for creating a new type of enchanted metal our alchemists have been working on. At the same time, our enemies have been trying to acquire the same resources, so naturally we want to prevent that as much as possible. Travel to the area marked on this map and gather both the iron from the area and the charcoal from the Raving Cinderbarq wandering around. Kill any enemy agents you see to speed this process along.


  • Renown (Renown Level 12)


Let them taste our fury.
Well done. The day of our triumph is closer still.


  • None


  • 1146 renown 
  • 70
Quest Facts

- Level: 0
- Requires level 0
- Type: Daily
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


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