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Breaking the Barrier


Collect two Charcoal Logs from Raving Cinderbarqs and one Brimstone from mining Azurite.


Our alchemists have been working on some new kind of substance that they think may change the face of warfare. However, our spies report that the enemy is also on the same track so it has become a race to see who will complete the research first. This is where you come in. Help us gather top-notch materials and speed the process along because the scholars claim that bringing down stone walls will be almost simple if this chemical reaction works. With enough samples, we expect to find a way to counter the enemy and find ways to reinforce our doors to withstand such attacks.



The pursuit of knowledge is never faster than when applied to killing, is it?
Good. With this, our forces are one step closer to preventing enemy attacks on our path to glory.


  • None


  • 1200 renown 
  • 30
Quest Facts

- Level: 0
- Requires level 0
- Type: Daily
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes