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Welcome to Aeon


Speak with Ja'lial about aiding with today's tasks.


    Greetings my friend. It does my heart good to see more of our brothers and sisters joining the effort to return our gods to their rightful place of power. Now that you have arrived to support the return of the Great Ward, there are many things that need to be done to solidify our place in this emerging world. All new champions of our Queen should report to Ja'lial and take on whatever work orders he has as they the highest priority of the day. May the Circle always embrace you.


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    His embrace will shelter all.
    Ah, Ahvet'nae Traveler. I see you are here to help, yes? That is good. Today many things need attention and all help is welcome. Let us begin our path to Reconstruction.


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      Quest Facts

      - Level: 1
      - Requires level 1
      - Side:   
      - Start:
      - End:
      - Sharable: Yes


      1. Welcome to Aeon
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