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Drafting the Ranger


Seek out Aqil for training in the town of Darcian.


    I am glad you have arrived, Ranger. The Ourobani have started their rise to power, but we have much to learn, as do you. Luckily for you there are those willing to pass their knowledge on to the new recruits to our efforts. Seek out Aqil in Darcian to start your training.



    I suggest you start your training right away. We must hasten our nation's rise.
    Greetings, Ranger. As you assist our people and help us regain what is rightfully ours, you will gain knowledge and progress in you combat effectiveness. There are trainers throughout that will help you hone your abilities. I suggest you revisit one of us every so often to learn new techniques.


    • None


    • 100 experience
    • 15
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 3
    - Requires level 3
    - Side:   
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: No