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Call of the Wild


Collect 5 Essence of Wrath and 10 wargrass.


These gnolls believe in wrathful spirits of the wilds. They say that the wrath of these spirits infuses them and bleeds into the ground when they die, and that this is what spawns the wargrass in the area. There is some truth to their tradition. Kill the gnolls and gather these essences of wrath. Bring them back to me along with some samples of the wargrass so we can infuse the totems you've collected.



Do you have them? Gather the essences from the gnolls, and the wargrass you can find all over Gnollclash.
Fantastic! I've gathered some extra wargrass and the other reagents as well. I hope this works…


  • None


  • 50120 experience
  • 87 75
Quest Facts

- Level: 38
- Requires level 35
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Shamanistic Wrath
  2. Call of the Wild
  3. Place the Totems