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Place the Totems


Place the Infused Wetmane Totem in Wetmane Slinks, the Infused Footpaw Totem in Footpaw Dirge, and the Infused Rottward Totem in Rottward Nest.


    There. More of an art than a science, especially since it was done from my observations of the shamans than of any mystical training on my part. Still, it should do good enough. I've infused the totems you collected earlier with the essences of wrath, and fastened some of the trophies you brought back as well. If you can place these totems in the center of their camps, each tribe should believe it has the blessings of the wrathful spirits to go to war against the other tribes. Remember, be cautious and avoid being seen. If that fails, avoid leaving witnesses.



    Are they in place?
    Impressive. The totems should bolster their belief that they are blessed to go to war, and the trophies we attached should focus their aggression toward each other.


    • None


    • 50120 experience
    • 87 75
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 38
    - Requires level 35
    - Side:   
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes


    1. Shamanistic Wrath
    2. Call of the Wild
    3. Place the Totems