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The Stranded


Kill ten of the wild humans and talrok living in the woods near Darcian.


Dahim'el Yu-set Traveler. I know of you through your actions for our outpost here. As you may know, when the world was rent asunder during the war of the gods, Aeon was once a part of both of the great continents and connected them together. When the world quaked in fear and the very land fled the battle, the world was broken apart like so much pottery. This, the Great Ward has taught us. Now you understand why I say that those who were standing on this very land at the time must have gone mad with fear and thus turned to whatever salvation their broken minds could imagine. These “wild men” are the descendants of those poor souls and must be dealt with for they wish to murder our people and burn our homes and this, Ourban does not allow. In the woods near Darcian are small tribes of these wretches. Go, and release them from their pitiful lives in the light of the Great Ward.
Savages and heretics. It is a shame they will never know enlightenment.
Well done. This is an excellent first step. Let us continue to bring peace to the wicked.


  • None


  • 500 experience
  • 10
Quest Facts

- Level: 2
- Requires level 2
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. The Stranded
  2. Wild and Crazy
  3. Population Control
  4. No Compromise