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Wild and Crazy


Search the woods around Darcian and remove ten of the Tribal Fetishes worshiped by the Wild Men.


These tribesmen are resilient if they are nothing else. We have devised another plan that may help drive these savages away from our outpost. They seem to have taken to worship idols and other unsavory objects. Your next mission will be to remove some of these fetishes and show them that this is no longer their land but now belongs to the Gifted.
They have lost all reason and have no future.
With the removal of their religious totems, the beasts will hopefully not feel compelled to retake the area they have lost. Now then, let the third step of our plan come to fruition.



  • 2225 experience
  • 10
Quest Facts

- Level: 3
- Requires level 3
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. The Stranded
  2. Wild and Crazy
  3. Population Control
  4. No Compromise