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You Need to Move Fast


Travel to a place called Captive's Point northeast of Xanjuix Karr and rescue Teralka Moldurr from Paulsin Greer.


I'm glad you're still here. I just received an urgent message from our scout near Xanjuix Karr. The kidnappers are on the move and they have Teralka Moldurr. She's very much alive... for the moment. Rush to a place called Captive's Point, northeast of Xanjuix Karr immediately and attempt to rescue Teralka. It's your only chance to redeem yourself with Furanj Moldurr. He may be so overjoyed that he gives you a reward.
Is that scum Paulsin Greer dead?
Praise Vakgarr, you've saved me.


  • None


  • 2608 experience
  • 1304 renown 
  • 26 8