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A Message Received


Return to Denik Heluxxar and tell him what has transpired.


    Very well, you have found me out. It's not as it seems though, I'm a loyal servant of the High Lord and I have been for many years. My only daughter, my own flesh and blood, my fledgling! She was travelling to Adrok on a mission for the children of the Kujix when her caravan was ambushed by an Asharr scouting party. She was taken captive and spirited away to only the gods know where. The Asharr you killed was blackmailing me to give him our troop reports, and he told me should this plot be discovered that she would be killed, and you...YOU'VE KILLED HER! I swear by all that's sacred I'll repay you for this. I've served this realm since your father was a child. Your interference has cost this realm a precious soul, and I'll see you punished for your crime!
    Hmmm this is not good, you're in deep trouble. I suppose I should have thought there may be a reason why Furanj Moldurr might be passing this information, after all he served at the Broken Hills Massacre with my father. I can only say I'm glad he knows not of my involvement in all this.


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