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Plugging the Leak


Kill Rikard Bowen, east of Xanjuix Karr at a place called Deceiver's Fork and deliver the severed head to Furanj Moldurr in Xanjuix Karr.


These reports confirm our suspicions; our traitor is Furanj Moldurr. The problem is that Moldurr is also the Commander of Games and Theories to the High Lord. We can't just go charging in to the High Lord's chamber and accuse him of high treason. We'll be the ones strung up at the gallows. No, I think we need a much more subtle plan. I've had my scouts follow Furanj Moldurr the last several nights. Each night around 6:00 PM he walks outside the eastern gate. He disappears into Deceiver's Fork and our scouts can follow no further. I want you to go to Deceiver's Fork and investigate to see if you can find Furanj Moldurr's contact. If you find him or her you are to dispatch this enemy with prejudice and remove the corpse's head. Place this in a bag and deliver it to Furanj Moldurr in the High Lord's chamber in Xanjuix Karr. He'll understand the message.
Curses! Why would you bring that here? Blood and ashes!


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